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In my previous post Kina in the comments pointed to the site Restaurants For Sale Online, basically a searchable directory of—you guessed it—restaurants for sale. Checking out what they have for Bend, there are four items:

  • A "Concert venue/Night club/Restaurant" for $1.2 million.
  • Vino Mercato ("Busy Bend Bistro with Great Lease") for $225K.
  • Coffee Shop and Deli for $98,000.
  • Restaurant with Full Liquor License for $549K.

None of these are listed by name, and I don’t think this is a complete listing—all four are by the same agent with Compass Commercial. However, digging around the descriptions of each, it’s probably not terribly hard to figure out what these are.

(Of course, Kina could probably just tell us outright. The rest of us would have to guess.)

For instance, the restaurant for $549K opened in July of 2004… does catering… seats 45 inside and 32 on a summertime patio… and is 1195 square feet. Any guesses?

7 thoughts on “Restaurants for sale

  1. Guessing here – "Natalia’s" became "Newport Ave. Grill" around Summer of ’04, and I know that they closed down and that the owner had mentioned wanting to sell. It’s a remodeled house, and DIAL lists it as 1177 sq.ft. I think that the seating is overstated, but it does have an outdoor patio that looks towards Kanpai.

  2. Hm. Kebaba opened after I moved, so it was the only thing that came to mind. What about Kava, then? The coffee shop on College Way and Newport? I had heard they sold to La Rosa, but maybe it’s for sale again…?

  3. venue is club 97
    cafe is kava
    I don’t know what the restaurant is but it’s not mcmenamins, maybe parrilla grill?

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