Deschutes Brewery’s Annual Spring Dinner

The Bend Restaurants blog has a mouth-watering write-up of Deschutes Brewery‘s annual Spring Dinner last Saturday, the 10th. These events are six-course beer pairing dinners, where each course is paired with a different Deschutes beer.

I’ve always thought it would be fun to do, but typically they run in the over-$50 range (this last one was $55), which tends to give me pause. The review, though, makes it look like it’s totally worth it. Pictures too. Maybe I’ll keep an eye out for the next one…

In the meantime, on the brewery’s Mountain Room Upcoming Events page, the 3rd Annual Barrel Tasting is taking place on June 16th (Saturday). Cost is only $35. I could get into that.

2 thoughts on “Deschutes Brewery’s Annual Spring Dinner

  1. The reason why we do it is cause you have a wife who is a picky eater (and doesn’t drink beer, so you’d get double the beer) and they ALWAYS serve some type of seafood/fish and lamb or something. If they served Chicken/Steak, I’d be inclined to go.

  2. The wife is not a big beer drinker either. She’s takes a few sips and comments on the pairing and then I get to finish her’s. Believe it or not, I’m actually a picky eater too. But I’ve been trying to break out of it. I’ll try anything like that Asparagus Cilantro Gazpacho but man, that was rough.

    If you don’t like seafood, I’d probably not go, they always have seafood it seems.

    Also, the Barrell Tasting is just small appetizers, you’ll leave hungry.

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