Breaking: Neighborhood house fire

Breaking, real-time news: the house across the street was on fire; firefighters were on the scene relatively quickly and were able to contain the flames. Trucks started arriving around 6:15 or 6:20, I believe; we heard the rumbling outside during dinner, but didn’t know what was causing it until we looked outside. (They weren’t running with sirens.)

Fire trucks on the scene

The house, located in the northeast Bend neighborhood of Terrango, is an older one, with a wood shake roof; the fire was (apparently) localized to the roof area around the chimney.

We had four fire engines, one SUV, an ambulance, and at least one police car (closing the street) on the scene. Thankfully, it appears nobody was hurt, the fire was caught in time.

Fire hydrant pumping water

More as I find out about it…