Vote on the Best of Bend for Bend Living

Bend Living Best of Bend 2007 Bend Living magazine has a "Best of Bend" survey up on their site for people to fill out. It’s for their annual Best of Bend issue that comes out in the summer (I think), which is fluff but fun to read.

You have until May 7th to complete the survey, but why wait? Go on over and submit your entries on such things as Best Budget Breakfast, Best Place to Buy Bling, and Best 19th Hole (no, that’s not a typo).

But what, no Best Blog? There’s a Best Bend Craigslist Post, but not one for blogs. How can you not have a blog category? The shame, the shame.

3 thoughts on “Vote on the Best of Bend for Bend Living

  1. Yeah, I’m kind of annoyed at the lack of blog recognition around here. While mine might be more popular than most, I certainly don’t think it’s the best blog around here. There are a bunch of great blogs listed over at now (I still remember when we were one of the small few who had blog around here, Jon…man, those were the days…;-).

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