Bend’s first men’s salon

A blurb in today’s Bulletin (the Business page) prompted me to blog this: the opening of Bend’s first men’s-only salon, JayT’s Hair Parlor for Men. They’re located in the Old Mill District, at 530 SW Mill View Way, next to the Bush Animal Clinic. Their number is 306-6912.

Notably (aside from the men’s-only status), they serve a complimentary beer or glass of wine during haircuts, like the Bond Street Barber Shop downtown.

They ran a coupon in last week’s paper for one free men’s haircut during their grand opening; it’s good through May 19th. I’ve been carrying the coupon around with me and I’ll try them out in the next couple of weeks.

…and yeah, a "men’s-only" salon strikes me as funny (in an inappropriate way); it doesn’t help that the Bulletin blurb also mentions they’ll "soon add manicures and massages."

Beer and a massage. That’s awesome.

4 thoughts on “Bend’s first men’s salon

  1. Finally, men’s haircuts for men. The last time I went to one of those ladies hair stylists I walked out looking like Paris Hilton. 😉

    Seriously, you better give a report on the free beer. I mean, free beer is a good thing, but not if it’s crap beer. I can see a dual review for the Brew Site.

  2. they are very hip, in portland with the monster garage tattou reality show kind of cool vibe.
    too bad they don’t make such a thing for the girlies.

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