Weekend news bites

Just some odds and ends I noticed this week that I hadn’t blogged about yet.

Greg’s Grill in the Old Mill District is open for business. They’d been "coming soon" for quite awhile now, originally set to open last fall or something. I believe they’re a steakhouse; anyone tried it yet?

In the paper today, an article about Pilot Butte Drive-In changing hands. The new owners are longtime residents and have been working closely with the former owners, so everything should stay the same. Maybe they’ll bring back dinner, though!

Also in the paper this week, a blurb about Trader Joe’s breaking ground in their new location on the north end. I believe they estimated a Spring 2008 opening… only a year to go.

I blogged about the Oxford Hotel coming to town a while ago; the Bulletin had a new article on it this week, with a concept sketch. Construction is about to begin, and should last about 18 months. Should make a right mess of downtown at Minnesota and Lava Road.

Finally, Wildfire Brewing beer is now being served on tap at JC’s. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet; hope to soon.

2 thoughts on “Weekend news bites

  1. Oxford Hotel-We’ve got to be more optimistic about change and less naive about empty lots in commercial business districts. Something was always going to go in that space next to the parking garage and when that something starts being built it is going to take some time. The business owners on Minnesota are ESTATIC about something going in that will add to their business. Visitors will be STOKED about being able to stay at a high end hotel in the core. The whole thing is GREAT for downtown and a short period of construction is just not a big deal in the long run.

  2. I don’t have a problem with the hotel going in; I even previously wrote that I thought it would be a good thing for downtown. But 18 months is not a "short period" of construction–even assuming they stay on-schedule–and I’ve seen enough of these types of projects to know it’s gonna be a pain. A necessary pain, sure, but a pain nonetheless.

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