Mary Jane’s Park

Google Maps aerial view of Mary Jane's Park, corner of Georgia Ave. and Lava Rd.I noticed some construction going on at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Lava Road downtown, on the northeastern corner that is otherwise bare (you can see it in the Google Maps photo, in the center). All the dirt’s turned over, piles of it, and there’s landscaping going in. There’s a sign reading "Mary Jane’s Park" with some text, but I haven’t yet been able to stop and read it (or take a picture).

A Google search led me to a PDF from the Deschutes County Historical Landmark Commission—the April 2004 meeting minutes. Under the "Mini Park" issue, here’s some of the text:

There will be a kiosk, three benches, plants, a light fixture. Perry gave a handout to the Commissioners showing several designs of Bend City Park kiosks. He felt the best model was one from Hollingshead Park. They have done research on fonts for the sign. Samples of cedar shakes and donated timber for the kiosk and benches were shown. The bench is a design from mirror pond. It is four feet wide with an open design. It is mounted with two steel posts painted black.

A plant list was also submitted. They will be mostly native, berry type shrubs to attract birds. The list was provided by Central Oregon Vegetative Zones comprised by Chris Hart Anderson. The light bulb would be a 40 watt, single fixture.

…Douglas Knight asked what the name of the park would be. Nunzie Gould answered that one name has been suggested, Mary Jane Park , she is a 50-year resident of the neighborhood. Douglas Knight would like to see a name that adds to the historic nature of the area. For financial reasons did they decided not to put a back on the bench. Perry said it made for better sight through the park with no back and people would not linger on bench.

Don Stevens asked about irrigation. Perry says Debra Hogan will recommend that the City provide water to the park. Jim, neighbor, will provide power. Don Stevens commented that since the light fixture is hidden, could a jelly jar fixture work. Perry says he would be happy with a center hanging fixture instead of the side mounted one.

Jon Sholes asked if the irrigation would be underground or a drip system. He felt there would be some damage done in this park. Perry says it will definitely be underground. It would be a three system control with a timer.

"Mini" is the right term; the park will only be about a tenth of an acre. I’m pretty sure this will make it the smallest park in town; the two current smallest that I can find on the Parks & Rec list are Pageant Park, at 0.29 acres (though it’s adjacent to Harmon Park—does that count?), and the Hixon Park Block, at 0.3 acres (located near McKay Park).

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  1. I passed this the other day, but didn’t have time to check it out. Thanks for the update! It looks like a very sweet park and a nice way to honor a long-time resident.

  2. Is that triangle at St. Helens and Delaware officially a park? I know what you mean, but it doesn’t show up listed (that I can find) on either the Parks & Rec list or Google Maps…

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