Cinco de Mayo!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo already! I’m having trouble getting my head around that; it feels like it should still be a couple of weeks away. At any rate, the Bend Restaurants blog has a list of some Cinco de Mayo things going on, so I’ll shamelessly steal his hard work and list them here (though you’ll have to go to his page for the full scoop—see, I’m not totally ungenerous. Heh):

  • La Rosa has a big party planned.
  • Jokers Bar & Grill has a party starting at 5pm.
  • There’s a fiesta at the Grandview Hall Cafeteria at COCC.
  • 541 Lounge is having a party—free nachos and salsa all night.
  • The Tower Theatre is having a fundraiser.
  • And there’s an afternoon Cinco de Mayo event at the Bend Library.

One thought on “Cinco de Mayo!

  1. We went to the 541 lounge for Cinco De Mayo and also dinner this last weekend and it was great food and the service was good. I like to make observations when I go out and I noticed a few things here…
    1. The only complaint I really have is that one of the owners kept coming to our table taking dishes or asking us how we were doing. My husband and I really just wanted to be alone.. and we were alittle annoyed and it seemed alittle overkill. I think the waitress was also alittle frustrated with him to. I think he said his name was Augustus or August.. anyway he was nice, but too much.
    2. The bar was really nice, one drink was really good.. I think it was a cosmo, the other drink was alittle strong.
    3. There was a guy there that was meeting in the red room, I thought he was the bouncer because he was kinda big.. turned out, he was one of the owners and I would have never known unless the waitress told me when I asked if he was the bouncer.
    4. Overall.. the food was good, the service was okay, would have been better without the many visits by one of the owners.. and the music was great. We danced for alittle bit, but my feet started to get sore so we had to get home.

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