Riverside Market

I came across the Riverside Market yesterday, nestled down in the older part of southwest downtown. (How’s that for vague?) Actually, I think I’d seen it before, but I don’t rightly remember, so let’s say I "discovered" it.

The Riverside Market is a typical small neighborhood market, established snugly in the middle of an otherwise-residential area. Think 7-Eleven in terms of product: packaged and quick foods, beer, wine, pop, tobacco, etc. They have a small seating area outside and enough parking for a half-dozen or so cars.

Riverside Market, Bend, Oregon

I found a quick blurb about the market here:

A great location in Bend between Downtown and the Old Mill District. Ride along the bike path next to the Deschutes River all the way to Farewell Bend Park. The Riverside Market first opened back in the 1930’s and is a neat little neighborhood market with all the basics.

Riverside Market
285 NW Riverside
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 389-0646