Longboard Louie’s – eastside

Jen reports on the new eastside incarnation of Longboard Louie’s.

The interior is brightly painted. There are some great surf images and art, and a few boards add to the atmosphere. The dining room is much bigger than the one at the Westside location. Large windows look out onto an uninspiring view of a strip mall parking lot and Highway 20.

The menu is basically the same, with the notable exception of Chile Cheese Fries. (Which is really too bad… they are really tasty!) All the other standards (Hollenbeck, MBC, and fish tacos) are available – plus they have a "create your own burrito bar" with lots of options.

Final verdict: stripmallish and not as cozy as the original, but she’s confident that the food will be as good as the westside’s.

One thought on “Longboard Louie’s – eastside

  1. Big but not much taste. This is really fast food they just won’t admit it. I eat there when I need a gut fill. El Caparal is much better.

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