La Costa Azul

Had lunch at La Costa Azul, the new "Authentic Mexican Family Restaurant" up on the north side, on the corner of Layton and Empire, this weekend. They’ve just opened, and still have some kinks to work out, but overall, we thought it was pretty decent.

They have a nice space, a mixture of booths and tables, but not a very big waiting area. The decor matches the name—"the blue coast"—with a big beach/lagoon mural on one wall and other ocean-themed art around. They have a small bar area near the entrance, but they didn’t have their liquor license yet—we overheard them telling someone it would be today (Monday) when they got it.

So we couldn’t judge the quality of the margaritas. :)

They serve lunch and dinner, pretty typical fare, and reasonably priced. They also have a lunch specials menu with everything for $6.99, a pretty good deal. The food was good; I had a super fish burrito, "wet" style (smothered in red sauce, cheese, and pico de gallo) which was tasty (and big!), my wife had the pollo a la crema, which she enjoyed.

The only real complaint we had—those "kinks" I mentioned—was with the service. It wasn’t bad—it was just evident that they were suffering from "just opened" and "not enough staff" symptoms—our waiter was very good… when he remembered to check on us. We were at a corner table a bit out of the way, and as a result we had to wait a bit longer than we should have. But all things considered, that’s forgivable, and everyone was helpful.

I’d definitely go back.

La Costa Azul
63055 Layton Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 322-3986

2 thoughts on “La Costa Azul

  1. Hey Jon,

    The wife and I went there yesterday and those kinks are still not worked out. They STILL do not have their liquor license and if my calculations are correct, that’s TWO MONTHS since your post.

    Our service wasn’t that good. Food came out really fast but then we were not checked on until all the plates were done and I had to ask twice for the check while we just sat there for about ten mintues. The wife and I were engaged in a great conversation so we didnt really notice until we were there was a pause in the conversation. Otherwise I would have just gone up to the register.

    My review will come out soon.


  2. Went there on 8/23/07 for lunch, I was sure glad I had take out. I saw 4 diffrent groups come ask for service while I was there (about 20 minutes). The food was good but I would not go for a dine in lunch unless you have more than an hour for lunch.

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