JayT’s Hair Parlor for Men

I stopped in to Bend’s first men’s salon yesterday for a haircut and to check the place out. I had my coupon for a free ‘cut, and walked in about 4:30.

It’s a nice place; newly built out, with all brand-new fixtures and appliances. There are three chairs/stations, two sinks for washing hair, a massage chair and an area for (future) manicures. One corner is the waiting area, with a comfortable couch (new and really comfortable), a chair, and a big-screen TV. There are even cigars available for sale—though you’ll have to smoke them outside.

You get a complimentary beer or wine with a haircut. When I walked in, Jaysun, the owner and barber, was finishing up on a guy before me, and invited me to help myself to a beer and make myself at home. The fridge is full of Mirror Pond Pale Ale, a selection of some Mexican beers, some Fat Tire Amber Ale and a couple of other cheaper ones.

I didn’t have to wait long, and got a good haircut (washed first). Jaysun is friendly and talkative, a good guy. He’s banking that Bend is ready for a men’s-only salon, and has put a fair amount of time and effort into getting his place ready. He charges $30 for a regular haircut, though he’s been getting a lot of walk-in business (free haircuts) from the coupons.

Unfortunately, $30 is a bit more than my regular budget for a haircut, so we’ll see; I’d like to go back though. The other "minus" against it for me is that my "regular" barber is downtown within walking distance of work; JayT’s being in the Old Mill District is not as convenient for me.

Check it out; it’s a nice place to get a good haircut and a beer.

JayT’s Hair Parlor for Men
530 SW Mill View Way, Suite B
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 306-6912
Hours: Tuesday thru Friday, 10 to 8; Saturday, 9 to 3

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