Bend Bulletin restaurant guide

Not too long ago I was mentioning The Source’s Dining Guide and commented that there should be a site that puts all the dining guide stuff together… well, we’re not quite there yet, but I just found out that the Bulletin has a very comprehensive restaurant guide online here.

You can search by restaurant name or, even better, by cuisine style, region, price, outdoor seating, and vegetarian items, and they appear to have 161 restaurants in their directory. The listings are consolidated with the Bulletin’s reviews of them, and even better—they allow users to rate each restaurant as well.

I like the summary information for each listing, too. It’s a very good step in the local dining guide arena, but still not completely comprehensive; there’s at least three Mexican restaurants that aren’t covered (one of which, Super Burrito, has been around for years, even).

It’s a good resource, however, and good for the Bulletin for putting it online and not behind their paywall. I still think there needs to be a single, all-in-one site for this stuff, though.

2 thoughts on “Bend Bulletin restaurant guide

  1. I am suprised to see that the Taco Stand is being reviewed by the reviewer as it a Super Burrito along with Prialla Grill,Longboard Loui’s are all fastfood places.

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