Homebrew Shop new (old) location opening

For a long time now, the local (and only) shop for homebrewing supplies was hand-in-hand with Silver Moon Brewing, located on Greenwood just west of the underpass. In fact, Silver Moon started out as The Homebrewer (or The Brew Shop), and gradually made the transition to microbrewery.

Now, the Brew Shop (not sure if this is the official name) is getting new life breathed into it and is moving—back to its old location on Division Street, for those who remember that—separate from Silver Moon (which is still downtown). And today, the 5th, is the big opening for the Shop, at 10am. I haven’t yet met Tom, the guy who’s operating it now, but I will soon, I imagine.

If you brew beer, or make wine, it’s the place to go for supplies and equipment. It’s located at 2538 NE Division, the building and driveway just north of Yale Ave.