Jason Carr is back in town

Shannon sends along a pointer to this item on the Economic Development For Central Oregon website:

Today Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO) announced the selection of Jason Carr to manage a new economic development program focusing solely on Prineville and Crook County, effective June 4th. Carr brings over 10 years of media and community experience to the position and a strong knowledge base of individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the region.

Central Oregonians may recall Carr as KTVZ NewsChannel 21 primary anchor from 2002 to 2005. Carr spent nearly a decade with KTVZ in a variety of reporting positions including business and government, sports, and community issues as well as producing and writing assignments. For the past two years, Carr has been Anchor, Reporter, and Producer at KEZI 9 News in Eugene, Oregon.

I guess it’s mostly of interest to those who follow the local celebrities/TV personalities. Carr was definitely one of the most polished reporters to leave KTVZ, and occasionally seeing him pop up on channel 9 news is (was) a bit of a disconnect.

On a (semi) related note, I caught part of the Fox newscast tonight, and they had a Z21 reporter doing a story. Does this mean the KTVZ buyout/merger with KFXO is in effect?

2 thoughts on “Jason Carr is back in town

  1. The buyout/merger was in the paper last week, I think it was. It was on the front of the Business section, on the right hand side (those one paragraph stories). Yeah, it was strange seeing Makayla doing a story last night. But it gives them a bigger feel than just Charlene Lee as their sole reporter. I hope FOX keeps its own identity and story writing. It’s nice to have the two different styles and looks/graphics, etc… Local weather will be a plus, though.

  2. Expect to see more KTVZ reporters popping up on FOX… the FOX newsroom was told in no uncertain terms that they had to air certain "Z" stories. A lack of information on the merger has caused much speculation that FOX will lose its independent newsroom within the next few weeks. Hopefully viewers who appreciate having a choice will speak out, because we are about to head back into the dark ages with only one source of local TV news. And a note: Mark Nelson has consistently proven himself more accurate, even if he is forecasting from the other side of the mountain… he will be missed

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