Jake’s Diner: Texas Hold’em (for Habitat)

This is a few days old, and I plucked it from Bend Oregon Restaurants:

Every Monday night, Jake’s Diner holds a Texas Holdem Tournament with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. To date, nearly $6000 has been raised to help build homes for local people.

On Monday, June 11th , there will be a special night which will include officers from Habitat and some of the new soon to be Habitat homeowners. Sign ups will begin at 5PM and the tournament will start at 6:30. The charge for the event is the same as every Monday night which is $5.

Sounds like both a good cause, and an inexpensive buy-in for a regular poker game. Not that I’ve ever played, you know, for real. But I like the idea.

Also I like the idea of Jake’s Diner having a blog. I’m hoping it gets updated regularly.

One thought on “Jake’s Diner: Texas Hold’em (for Habitat)

  1. It is a great place to play your first "for real" game. Lots of people have done the same. For the most part, the guys who play at Jake’s are very understanding and patient for all new comers who may have only played the game online. After all, we are all there to just have fun and to help a good cause.

    Hope to see you there Monday. Usually I play too but I think there will be far to many this week for that. But I will have fun running the game. And there will be some special prizes this week along with something for the person that takes us over the $6000 barrier.

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