Sunfest pics

Sunday we hit the Sunriver Sunfest and I got a few pictures of that while we were there. It was another beautiful day, weather-wise, and we spent about two and a half hours there, all told.

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Shannon and Brian went with us, and we ran into Jake there also (he works in Sunriver, and was more or less "on duty").

We started out with lunch at Aloha Café, the Hawaiian grill place that’s only been open about a month. I thought it was pretty good—I got the pork mixed plate (with noodles and potato macaroni salad), though my wife didn’t care for her chicken sandwich because it had dark meat on it. The kids’ hot dogs were excellent. They looked to be doing pretty good business too, being right on the edge of the festival and with outdoor seating. Overall, I’d eat there again. (Jake recommended it, too.)

The rest of the time was spent sampling wines and checking out the vendors. Most tasters were $1 on average, and you could buy a "glass" (plastic cup) for around $4. Bottles were available for sale, too. (We bought three.) All of the winery people I talked to were really nice, and many of the tables had crackers and water set out (to clear the palate between tastings).

I took the kids over to the play area, a single big inflated gym/slide thing, and even though it was $2 per kid, it was a much better deal than the ones at the Bite of Bend: the kids got to play on it for awhile (more than just the one time down the slide allotted to the other ones), until I finally called them down.

Here’s the pics:

Sunriver Sunfest

Sunriver Sunfest - Live music from the Moon Mountain Ramblers

The Moon Mountain Ramblers were there playing live music. Bluegrass/folk. Decent stuff.

Sunriver Sunfest - Winners Circle

Sunriver Sunfest

Sunriver Sunfest - great t-shirt

Like the "Bite Me" T-shirts at the Bite of Bend, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this one. Sound pronunciation advice, that.

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  1. You forgot about CHARLIE!

    I really liked the bright green shirts at Bite of Bend that said

    Feed Frequently.
    Add Cold Drinks.


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