Project Blue Book Festival, Redmond

The Redmond Spokesman blog has an article (from their print edition, of course) about the Project Blue Book Festival coming up in Redmond this Saturday the 23rd—this the UFO festival I blogged about a few months back, I believe. I’m kind of surprised to see it happening.

Based on what information I can scare up online, the festival starts at 10am and runs all day in Downtown Redmond (til 8pm). Looks like there will be a kids costume contest at 11am and an adult costume contest at 6pm… so I guess dress up as an alien?

Also, from the article:

[Tracey] Thille said though she’s hoping for a fun event, there’s a serious aspect to the Blue Book festival as well. No one will be laughing at anyone who has a story to share. "We respect their experiences. We’re going to have something called the Sightings Studio, where you can come in and record your experiences. And later in the evening we’re going to have a gathering which will be just an open time in the plaza where you can sit and talk with fellow encounterees," she said. "Talk about your experiences and you see that you’re not alone, there are a lot of people who’ve seen something. Some people won’t say anything, they’ll say ‘It’ll make me sound like I’m whacko,’ but nearly everyone I’ve talked to knows someone who’s seen something or they’ve seen something themselves."

The Spokesman blog mentions a guide to activities on page 16 of their print edition… which I don’t have, sorry.

If anyone goes, feel free to send me a report. I’ll host pictures, too. If nothing else, I’m sure there will be something about it on KTVZ.