Storm and the Balls at The Grove

Now there’s a title, eh? My wife spotted this in The Source: Storm Large and the Balls will be playing The Grove this Sunday, June 24th. Show starts at 9pm, and the cost is $12.

Storm Large (yes, her real, actual name, I believe) is from Portland and she was the local favorite on the "reality" show "Rockstar: Supernova" last year… not something I would ordinarily watch, but friends in Portland clued us in at the time. She was definitely one of the best singers/performers on the show.

Check out their Myspace page to listen to some of their songs.

3 thoughts on “Storm and the Balls at The Grove

  1. Your wife and my wife shared an identical dilemna that night…who will babysit? Alas, nobody. I’m bummed we didn’t catch Storm while she was in town. We used to go see her at Dante’s Wednesday nights when we lived in P-Town…never a dull moment during their sets, that”s for sure.

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