Energy Independence Month

Suzanna Johnson writes in with a good cause to promote: Energy Independence Month.

In an effort to not wait for legislation but rather light the fire under our community to choose renewable and more efficient energy sources, five local non-profits are collaborating on a month long series of events known collectively as Energy Independence Month.

Kicking off this week (June 18th) with the Commute Options Week, the events run the gamut from fun to more serious. The Art of Energy Independence Fair (July 14th and 15th) will occur as part of the Bend Summer Festival; Northwest Earth Institute is offering a discussion course on global warming and personal choices; Oregon Paleo Lands Institute has a number of tours and trips; 3E Strategies and reSource have several presentations with local and visiting experts. All the details are on the website.

From the site:

Energy Independence Month is an initiative to empower the citizens of Central Oregon to begin the process of creating a model energy independent community. Our intention is to rally a sense of urgency and empowerment about our nation’s need to transition to a cleaner, energy independent future.

We will deliver a series of events, publications and action campaigns that address practical ways to reduce fossil fuel dependency, increase energy efficiency, increase development of local renewable energy resources and establish community and economic development practices that reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions.