Weekend paranormal roundup

Not only was this weekend the debut of the Project Blue Book festival in Redmond, but it was also the culmination of the week-long bigfoot search I blogged (and totally forgot) about way back in January. Fortunately, the Bulletin was on the scene.

Sucking in a deep breath, tilting forward then throwing his head back and cupping his hands around his mouth, Matt Moneymaker let out a siren yell that echoed across the forested valley.

The dozen people on the ridge stand silently, listening intently, binoculars scanning the distance. One points a sound amplifier toward the opposite slope.

“WoooooOOOOOOoooooo,” Moneymaker calls again, altering the inflection of the yell.

Like coyotes, if you call to a bigfoot properly, it will call back and venture closer to check out the source.

“I’m good; I can call them in,” Moneymaker said earlier in the day. Creating the calls takes a lot of volume and some technique as well, he said.

“It’s gotta have a bit of a mournful touch to it,” he said of the calls, adding that they vary in different parts of the country — a sort of regional accent.

The paper also had a writeup of the PBB UFO festival, but it’s not freely available online. Nor have any of the other local news sites written about it (so far). From the Bulletin’s writeup:

The one-day festival celebrated unexplained sightings, aliens and all things intergalactic with food, craft booths, live entertainment and children’s activities. Residents sipped green-tinted "alienade," trailing balloons that looked like the heads of big-eyed extraterrestrials.

Dozens of people lined Seventh Street between Evergreen and Deschutes avenues before the festival to watch the parade.

Bigfoot and UFOs. I think what we need next is some sort of lake monster

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Blue Book project by the way. I took some friends of mine from Bend to check it out and ended up winning a t-shirt in the "make your own tinfoil hat" contest 🙂

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