The Grove is closing

Early in the day an anonymous tipster passed along a rumor that The Grove was closing. Sounded like a good thing to blog about, but I didn’t want to pass along a rumor that could (potentially) be damaging, so I fired off an email to The Grove to see if it could be substantiated. (Didn’t get the reply yet.)

I needn’t have bothered. I picked up The Source today and right there on their front page: Say It Ain’t So: Grove announces its last show. Beat me by 10 miles.

The Bend Restaurants Blog has a post about it too.

Kind of ironic that when I posted about Storm and the Balls playing there last Sunday, that it was to be one of their last shows.

2 thoughts on “The Grove is closing

  1. Boohoo, that place sucked anyways. It will not be missed by anyone I know. I guess I assumed that it was closing because nobody went there and it was out of money. Every article I’ve read about it makes it seem like we’re losing a historic landmark or something.

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