Baldy’s secret sauce

Lavanaut writes with a tip:

If you like Baldy’s BBQ, next time you’re there ask your server for "Cat’s Meow". It’s a secret BBQ sauce that they make which is spicier, smokier and just more delicious in general that what’s on the table by default. They don’t advertise it at all, we became friends with a server there and she let us in on the secret. There’s no extra charge either.

8 thoughts on “Baldy’s secret sauce

  1. The #1 rule of a secret sauce is you don’t talk about the secret sauce (especially on your blog). No longer secret now, is it? 😉

  2. Got to agree with Jake on this one. Although the next time I’m there, I will ask for the cat’s meow, just like when I go to Parilla I ask for a side of "stash" – a super hot sauce that goes great with any wrap but they stash it under the counter.


  3. Jeez, settle down there Tyler Durden. 🙂

    BOR: you agree with Jake and then give up the "stash"? A great Secret Sauce Club member YOU turned out to be! 😉

  4. Should have prefaced my tip with "Shhhhhhhhh….it’s a secret". Maybe this blog post should self-destruct? 😉

    I think the sauce is kept on the DL because it’s more time-inensive and expensive to make. Either way it’s delicious.

  5. I went to Baldy’s yesterday and the waitress (one I’ve never seen before, she MUST be new) offered the sauce right up, billing it as "spicy sauce". Perhaps "Cat’s Meow" was the sauce’s in-beta name? Either way, suace fans ~ rejoice!

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