4 Peaks Music Festival

4 Peaks Music FestivalSo this 4 Peaks Music Festival is looking like it’s going to be the Woodstock of Bend or something… taking place at the Rockin "A" Ranch out in Tumalo August 3 and 4, they’ll even have camping available.

Actually it sounds kind of cool. You can buy tickets for either Saturday only, or the entire weekend, and if you want to camp you’ll need to buy a pass for that, too. The one-day ticket is $35, the full weekend pass is $50, and the camping pass is $20 (but does not include admission).

Kids under 10 are free.

They’ll have two stages and quite a line up. Not to mention vendors—food, drink, and craft.

Be sure to check out their FAQ page too, for more details (no pets, no outside alcohol, etc.).

5 thoughts on “4 Peaks Music Festival

  1. Wasn’t there like a Lava Rock festival or something along those lines that happened years ago (like 10 or so) on a fairly regular annual basis? It was basically the same thing — two stages, camping, multiple days, etc… . I thought it was SE of Bend, but can’t remember now.

  2. This show is going to be so great. It is just what this town needs…a mellow, family friendly event that the community can rally around. I can’t wait!

  3. I was so pleased to see that this Festival is happening in Tumalo! From what I hear this weekend is going to be an amazing bluegrass experience! Can’t wait, I already have my family’s tickets!

  4. This sounds to me like it could be something good for Tumalo/Bend for years to come. Music is an essential part of any community. I will be there.

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