More SummerFest details

The Bulletin published their SummerFest guide, which includes a comprehensive map of festivities, detailed schedules, artist profiles and more. It’s a good resource, only it’s not online anywhere that I can find it. So I’ll summarize a bit.

  • Beers on tap will include local brews from Deschutes, Silver Moon, and Bend Brewing; there will be a handful of other beers on tap as well.
  • Wine will be available from local wineries Volcano Vineyards and Maragas, and three others.
  • The alcohol zone will be in the usual food court areas: Oregon and Minnesota Streets, the Wells Fargo parking lot, and the alleyway between them. You’ll need to get a wristband, of course, to buy alcohol—and they can’t start serving til 12 noon.
  • The big children’s area will be next to the Mirror Pond Gallery, at the top of Drake Park in the parking lot area.
  • Three main artist sections along Wall Street.
  • Bond Street will be open to traffic, as will Greenwood/Newport and Franklin. Minnesota, Oregon, Wall between Greenwood and Newport and just south of Franklin, and Brooks Street are all closed to traffic.
  • Five(!) performance stages dot the area.

So, the usual.

The SummerFest website has been updated to include their own PDF map of the Festival, too. Get it here, though it’s not as good as the Bulletin’s map, IMHO.