Comics and doughnuts

Duncan over at Pegasus Books revealed on his blog today that he is opening a second store here in Bend.

I’m planning to open a second store in Bend. Let me be clear — it is an additional store. Not instead, not substituting for….a complete new store, henceforth know as P2. (I have the idea of a sign with a logo of my flying white horse, alongside a second flying horse that’s black, and the letters, "PEGASUS, too.")

If you think of the main arteries in Bend, you have to say that 3rd Street (old Hwy. 97) is the biggest north/south commercial street, and Greenwood (Hwy. 20) is the biggest east/west. The other main commercial east/west is Franklin. (Portland/Olney is a traffic artery, but not commercial.)

This is the corner I’m looking at. I’ve been surprised when I use the Sweetheart Donuts stand, (bright red, on the corner) as my landmark that people don’t know where it is, but I’m talking about the building just south of the Murry and Holt car lot on the corner of Franklin and 3rd. The one that has been a furniture store over the years. Great location, lousy building.

The new owner is fixing it up nicely. It’s pretty much gutted, right now, so you have to use your imagination, but it fits the number one priority for me to open a new store.

That is a pretty good location, I’d say. A comic book shop next to a doughnut shop. Really, does it get any better?

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  1. You know, I was thinking along the same lines… but then I figured a comic book shop and drunks probably don’t mix as well. 🙂

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