Writer Ursula Le Guin in town

I didn’t know about this until I saw it in The Source today: writer Ursula Le Guin will be in Sisters Monday (the 6th), doing a reading and book signing from her latest book, Incredible Good Fortune. The Source’s article is an interview with Le Guin.

the Source: What advice can you give to beginning writers?

ULG: Learning to write is no different from learning to play the tuba or paint or dance or any other art or craft. You learn it by doing it. If you don’t stick with it you won’t know how to do it very well. At some point you make the decision: this is worth sticking with, or it isn’t. For some of us, the decision is easy, even if the work is very slow and hard, because doing it is so rewarding in itself and for itself that we just want to go on doing it.

I think impatience is mostly the problem. We live in an impatient culture, where everything is supposed to happen right now – push the button and it happens! So we want, we expect, good results right away. Sometimes luck grants them. But mostly it’s patience that gets them. Art is work. The loveliest work in the world.

The reading/signing is taking place at 6:30pm at the Five Pines Conference Center in Sisters, at 1021 Desperado Trail. It’s sponsored by the Paulina Springs Book Company and is free and open to all ages.

I’ll bet it’s totally worth it.

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