New KOHD anchor used to be on "The Real World"

Stanislaw Funk tells me, "the new KOHD anchor Jay Frank was one of the cast members of the Real World London." For those that aren’t familiar with "The Real World," it’s MTV’s "reality" show where they pick 7 people (all aged 18-25 or something) to live together in a decked-out house so they can film the proceedings.

I vaguely remember that season of the show, all of 12(!) years ago back in 1995. All I could definitely tell you, though, is that it took place in London.

Gossipy local "celebrity" news aside, it’s good to know KOHD now has an anchor to go along with their new studio; hopefully they’ll begin broadcasting soon. And give us something for local TV news besides KTVZ and Fox er, KTVZ.

3 thoughts on “New KOHD anchor used to be on "The Real World"

  1. I used to watch the RR religiously and I do not remember him from that season. I do know the two roller derby girls from Bend who were on MTV last fall will be hosting a True Life marathon in a few weeks.

  2. He looked so familiar to me, I thought I was remembering him from my hometown, but it’s from The Real World I know him!

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