The Source’s Best of Central Oregon

The latest issue of The Source on stands now is their annual Best of Central Oregon issue, and as usual, it’s pretty much the definitive "Best Of" guide for the area. (Sadly, I don’t see it online.)

The picks range from the (mostly) serious ("Best Public Art", "Best Radio Station") to the irreverent ("Best Place to Spot a Cougar on the Prowl") to the amusing and whimsical ("Best Shortcuts", "Best Place to Play Ms. Pac-Man").

And don’t forget the Reader’s Choice awards; the Best of Food in particular makes more sense and is more level-headed than other similar lists. I think overall The Source is more representative of Central Oregon than the other pubs around here, and it shows.

So unless they put it online, go pick up the current issue. And give me reasons why some of their picks are wrong. Or not.

3 thoughts on “The Source’s Best of Central Oregon

  1. I’ve yet to see a "Best Blog" in the source "Best Of" issue, and I really think there should be one. But I agree: Their lists are FAR better than the other lists which are pandering more towards ad dollars than actual useful info.

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