Food 4 Less closed for remodeling

My wife tried going to Food 4 Less and found it closed; the sign on the door said it was closed while the store was remodeled. No word on when they’ll be open again, but at least they’re not closed for good—I like Food 4 Less!

I wonder if the remodel is an answer to the Trader Joe’s that is supposed to open up right next to them next year?

7 thoughts on “Food 4 Less closed for remodeling

  1. Damn it, it better not be closed for too long — ’tis my store of choice for larger grocery runs (pretty much anything over a few items) as it’s far cheaper.

  2. I simply cannot wait for Trader Joe’s to open! I have no plans to shop there, I just want to peoplewatch in the parking lot. The clientele for two grocery stores could not be more different.

    People go to Food4Less because it’s cheaper. People shop at Trader Joe’s because it’s trendy and they can shop and socialize amongst other green, hipster types with money.

    I predict that shopping may be a stressful experience for some of Bend’s elitists; which will ultimately lead to Food4Less moving somewhere else where the lower class people can shop without being seen……

  3. Don’t knock Trader Joe’s before you try it… I personally can’t wait for it to open just because you can get stuff there you can’t at other places.

  4. hehe generalizations are too funny! I’m most definitely not a trendy "hipster with money" and I love Trader Joe’s (though I guess I am sort of a "green" type.)

    Lots of good food(and wine) and not extremely overpriced. In fact, for most of the stuff I buy–its cheaper than Safeway or Fred Meyers.

    I can’t wait for it!! 🙂

  5. I’ve been to Trader Joe’s many times and I like the unique stuff they have. I am just commenting on how their customers are different and how close they will be to each other.

  6. Trendy????I shopped at Food 4 Less and Trader Joes. Where I used to live they were very close. I hope it will be a step in a more diverse group of customers for both stores.

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