Why the Eastside Rocks: #3 Best Burgers in Town

Pilot Butte Drive-InYou can read the general introduction to this series here.

Why the Eastside Rocks #3:

The Best Burgers in Town

Any way you slice it, most everybody considers the Pilot Butte Drive-In to have the best hamburger in town, hands down. And for those (few) that disagree, they usually point to Dandy’s Drive-In instead—which is also on the Eastside. Check out the Bend Oregon Restaurants review for a good read on Dandy’s.

Quite simply—if you want the best burger in town, you’re going to have to come East.

Pilot Butte Drive-In
917 NE Greenwood
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-2972
Dandy’s Drive-In
1334 NE 3rd Street
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-6141

3 thoughts on “Why the Eastside Rocks: #3 Best Burgers in Town

  1. Down with Pilot Butte! I love their food, but I won’t be going there anymore. At first I was simply annoyed that they closed earlier in the day and I couldn’t go there for dinner. Then I found out why.

    What I heard was that the ownership changed, and the new owner decided they didn’t need the extra income from the later hours. If a business doesn’t want or need my money, I’ll go somehwere that appreciates it more.

    The disturbing part was that I heard they let go of all the disabled people that were employed there by the previous owners.

    That was enough for me. I’d rather eat a Big Mac than support that crap.

  2. I was *extremely* disappointed in Dandy’s. It’s absurd to pay THAT much for a teensy burger, plus extra for their crummy fries and tots. (No rings, they were "out". How can they be "OUT"?!) We added it up and it costs about $1 more for Red Robin (about the same at Pilot Butte).

    No. Just, no. Nononono!

  3. I think dandys is a great place for a burger and a bit cheaper then Red Robin. But on to my reason for posting. Jakes never gets a fair shake with their burgers, very good. Also another reason the Eastside rocks!

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