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The Iron Horse store is an eclectic antique/secondhand store down in the "Old Town" section of Bend, near downtown—it’s a bit off the beaten path, not far from the Riverside Market as things go. It’s one of those places that I’ve been meaning to write about, because it’s the perfect subject for this blog, but leave it to someone from out of town to beat me to it—and to do a better job of it!

My friend Kina is from Bend, though, so it’s all good.

Eddie carries home decor, western motif items, collectibles, antiques, furniture, and various clothing and memorabilia. You can’t help but feel creative when you spend time shopping there, and Eddie himself is one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. A true Bend icon who’s still chugging along, selling his wares, and creating a store that is unlike any you’ve ever been to.

The gem here is the pictures Kina took; 14 great interior shots of the store that give you an idea of the varied nature of the merchandise.

Iron Horse is awesome, a Bend institution. You can find it one block east and one and a half blocks south of the four-way intersection at Galveston and Riverside, tucked in around a corner a bit.

Iron Horse
210 NW Congress
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-5175

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