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This story appeared in Thursday’s Bulletin and on the KTVZ newscast, but I can’t find a thing about it online anywhere except behind the Bulletin’s really stupid "e-edition" paywall: "Redmond turns to public for a brand identity." I’ll type in some choice quotes:

In an effort to draw businesses and shoppers, the area’s marketing agency has designed a communitywide contest to come up with a branding slogan that will give the downtown district an identity.

The Redmond Downtown Partnership is seeking ideas from the public… for up to four words that appropriately capture the essence of what downtown Redmond is and what it can become.

They are awarding a $500 cash prize to the person whose tagline they select. Only, the article doesn’t specify where to send your contest entries; presumably, you would send them to the Downtown Partnership.

Can you come up with a 4-word-or-less slogan for Redmond? It’s worth some cash to you if you can. For that matter, can you come up with one for Bend? Myself, I don’t think I could do it—not without coming up with something sarcastic or snarky. I guess I just didn’t think cities really needed a slogan… fortunately, the article proves me wrong:

"Every community needs a brand," [Tony] Dow said.

They do? Could someone enlighten me as to what some of the local communities’ brands are?

6 thoughts on “Redmond – in four words or less

  1. Bend has had a four-word slogan for years… "Poverty with a view"! Maybe Redmond’s could be "Poverty with worse view"?? Or… "Smith Rock’s Further North" might be more appropriate. 😉

  2. Some parts of Redmond have a better view.

    Omaha’s slogan was "The Middle of Everything" because it’s the center of the country. I thought it was dumb.

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