Why the Eastside Rocks: #9 The Masonic Lodge

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Why the Eastside Rocks #9:

The Masonic Lodge

Bend Masonic LodgeThat’s "Masons" as in "Freemasons"—one of the original secret societies ("fraternal organization") that conspiracy theorists love, and yes, we have a Masonic Lodge here in Bend. It’s located at the corner of Greenwood and 9th, behind 7-Eleven. It was chartered on June 17, 1909, and moved to its current location in 1956.

I always wonder how many people know it’s there; it’s a pretty unassuming building and I admit, I overlooked it for many years myself (and I grew up here!).

I can’t even tell you anything about it beyond "it’s behind 7-Eleven," other than it’s an actual Freemason Lodge; I just think that rocks in and of itself.

5 thoughts on “Why the Eastside Rocks: #9 The Masonic Lodge

  1. A Masonic lodge?

    A hospital?

    I’ve enjoyed yer series, but I’d say you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, chief. Time to shut ‘er down!

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