Why the Eastside Rocks: #10 Hollinshead Park

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Why the Eastside Rocks #10:

Hollinshead Park & Barn

Hollinshead BarnThe historic Hollinshead Park is located in northeast Bend on 16.5 acres of former working ranch, dating back to 1939 when the Hollinshead family began working it as a homestead. In 1983 owners Dean and Lily Hollinshead donated it to the Park District to be preserved as a community park.

The renovated Barn is the main feature of the site, which has become a popular place for weddings and other private events. It’s a nice place; we’ve been there for several kids functions and I was impressed—it’s a nice big space that can accommodate up to 125 guests.

The Share Croppers House museum is also there in the park, as is the community garden. Yes, community garden; individual plots are provided to all members of the community during the growing season, and it’s supported via volunteer efforts, too.

Though completely kid-friendly, this isn’t a playground park: much of the space is open field and orchard. Perfect for running and games, just don’t expect monkeybars and swings—bring balls and frisbees instead.

(Image courtesy of Bend Parks & Rec.)

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  1. How about for the next one in the series….for something we DON’T have…all those darned round-a-bouts the West side has!

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