KOHD to broadcast Monday

Stanislaw Funk dropped me a hint that our local ABC television station, KOHD, is set to begin broadcasting Monday morning. I don’t know if that’s going to be just morning programming—a local news broadcast (?)—or if they’re going to do evening broadcasts also. I guess we’ll see!

KOHD is on cable channel 9, and analog channel 53.

7 thoughts on “KOHD to broadcast Monday

  1. I’m quite sure KTVZ’s HD announcement had everything to do with KOHD. I keep wondering how much time before KTVZ tries to kill and cannibalize KOHD…

  2. Well, according to my Moxi box it says "KOHD Daybreak" at 5 & 6 a.m. and then again it says at 5, 6 & 11 p.m. "KOHD Evening News" so I guess that tells us it’s local. Right, Stanislaw?

    They have really slick, almost big city like promos for all their anchors running right now.

  3. The other thing I heard is that KOHD has an awesome studio that they spent millions on but aren’t willing to pay their tech staff more than $8 an hour so they overspent on the building and aren’t willing to pay staff.

    Welcome to Central Oregon!

  4. KOHD is still the only HD news in town, framing your shots widescreen doesn’t make them HighDef. just what Iv heard from Z21’s engineers.

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