World Series of Holdem for Habitat (Jake’s Diner)

Lyle at the Jake’s Diner blog has posted the details for their World Series of Holdem for Habitat—their big poker tournament where all the proceeds are donated to Habitat for Humanity, a good cause if ever there was one.

The tourney spans two nights: October 1st and 2nd, with signups beginning at 5pm and game play starting at 6:30. If you already qualified in one of their previous poker tournaments, then skip night one; the first night is "to help those who have not qualified or have not played before to have a chance to play in the main event." It costs $5 to enter.

Night two is the main event—it costs $10 and the big "winner of the tourney will win two nights on the Oregon coast right on the beach at the Beautiful Sandcastle Motel (part of the prize has been donated by the Sandcastle)." Good deal!