The Blacksmith… jazz bar?

A little rumor birdie this weekend told me that The Blacksmith Restaurant is going to be closing down for a bit of a remodel sometime soon… there will still be a restaurant, though greatly reduced to around 10 tables (not unlike how it was when it originally opened) and the majority of the space will be turned into… a jazz bar.

That’s what I heard, anyway. I didn’t find anything online about it, but then, that’s a rumor for you.

One thought on “The Blacksmith… jazz bar?

  1. No need for rumors. The owners of the Blacksmith are very accessible (Gavin – my brother) and cold easily tell you what is happening. There have been many ideas floated around as we try to figure out how to make the most of the space available. We have settled on a plan and you can read all about it at…

    We are shooting for Dec 1st, but is more likely to be the 6th.

    We are very excited about the changes and think everyone will love what we are doing to the bar, as well as our menu expansion to suit casual dining options. Contrary to rumors (and we have heard alot of them) the dinner table space will actually be expanding. We’ve heard other rumors like we are turning into a strip bar!!! At one time someone through out the idea of "tapas" style dining for smaller plates, and then that got flipped into "topless" and then strip club!! That is the rumor mill for you. Anyway, we appreciate the posts and the interest in our ew endeavor. We are doing all we can to out do ourselves. We will hopefully get some new pictures posted soon.

    Noel McMichael
    The Blacksmith

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