Why the Eastside Rocks: #11 East Bend Liquor

You can read the general introduction to this series here.

Why the Eastside Rocks #11:

Crater Lake Vodka from BendistilleryEast Bend Liquor

Yeah, I said it. (I also received an email suggestion for this.) East Bend Liquor is the best liquor store in town—biggest, cleanest, newest, friendliest. It’s easily accessible in their (newish) location right off Highway 20 also—more so than the others in town.

But you don’t have to take my word for it… here’s the review from the (first) Bend restaurants blog (I’ve quoted it before):

The Eastside Liquor Store is the finest liquor store in Bend, with the largest selection, and the best deals to be had. Mark, the owner, takes pride in keeping his store in stock of the finest brands, and also those bottles that are hard to find. The best holiday gifts are found here, too, with your favorite brands packaged with matching glasses or shakers. Not only that, but there’s all kinds of trinkets, glassware, and mixers to shop. It’s not just the bare basics like most Liquor outlets in this state.

Not much more to say, is there? It rocks.

(Image courtesy of Bendistillery.)