Why the Eastside Rocks: #12 Clothelines!

You can read the general introduction to this series here.

Why the Eastside Rocks #12:

Clotheslines (& no Brooks Resources)!

Yes, this is a largely snarky post that spun off from the Awbrey Butte/Brooks Resources clothesline controversy; I blogged about it on my other blog (where I was much harsher); Jake blogged about it; there’s a KTVZ story about it; and now The Source has given Brooks Resources "The Boot" over it.

Brooks Resources deserves that Boot, while at the same time, giving yet another reason why the Eastside rules: No Brooks Resources developments anywhere East! String your clothesline up all you want, we don’t mind!

4 thoughts on “Why the Eastside Rocks: #12 Clothelines!

  1. Come on this lady knew when she bought the place CCR’s were in place and it clearly stated no clothes lines. Let her continue to hang her undies in the garage and get involved in something other than trying to see how many newspapers pick up her story.

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