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So we’ve been watching a bit of the KOHD news since it launched this week, and I have some initial impressions.

  • Very polished-looking, high production values, technology is there
  • The newscasters seem comfortable, not too many mistakes or stuttering
  • They seem to have an interactive portion of the (6 o’clock, at least) newscast, where they take and address user emails in real time… interesting…
  • Very professional-looking
  • They have none of the (extremely) poor video/broadcast quality that plagued KFXO when they started; and in fact, their quality is so good that it looks to me to even leapfrog right over KTVZ‘s
  • I’d say where they lag behind KTVZ is the weather, though they do a very good job of it

All in all, I think it’s a very successful, very well-done newscast. It certainly looks to me like it ‘casts out of a bigger city/studio, not what we’ve come to expect locally.


14 thoughts on “KOHD news

  1. I agree on the weather. I do like that Boris stands in front of a green screen instead of a HD Flat Panel tv. You really can’t see what the weather guy is pointing at.

    Hubster and I were talking about how big city they look compared to KTVZ. I am going to venture out and guess KTVZ will be getting a new studio by next fall.

    Now I’m conflicted as to what station to watch now.

  2. ktvz has always been a joke. now they have to step it up or get out of town. kohd is by far more polished and a better production ALL AROUND!

  3. Maybe this new competition will finally get Bob Shaw off the air. Then he can talk about how sparkling the weather is in the unemployment line….

  4. Good grief, cut some slack people. Unless have done it and rocked the world with your badass on-air self, quit criticizing.

  5. Okay, I just have to defend KTVZ. In the 1970s, it was so bad that they didn’t even have a fade feature on their camera…you would just see the cameraperson’s hand coming towards the lens to cover it when they wanted to fade to black. I also remember when a newscaster thought the camera was off and gave a one-finger salute to someone behind the cameras (I will not mention her name).

    That being said, KFXO was the worst news I have ever seen. I’m glad KTVZ took over in that department. Good gawd. I’m looking forward to seeing the new KOHD news.

  6. to the moron who said quit criticizing…. is it not a free country? are we just supposed to say, "yeah, they are a great news room, keep up the good work" or do you think they want to hear the honest opinions on their production so they can make appropriate changes? unless you know the persons backgrpound who is doing the criticizing maybe YOU should button your lip and stop telling people that they are not intitled to their opinion. doesn’t matter if you have or have not worked in a given field!

  7. Yeah! Thanks Anonymous dude! And for the record, I’m not criticizing Sparkler Bob’s ability to talk in front of a camera; I just don’t like the style in which he does it. I would normally just change the channel when he does weather, but now they have him sitting next to Kayna at the desk. It’s like putting prime rib on a plate and then plopping a turd on that same plate.

  8. I’d be a lot more impressed with KOHD if they’d start a campaign to get Californians to move back south. That would be good journalism! As for weather, KTVZ is far better. Something about watching a dog lick himself during the weather segment just doesn’t set well. Although it will be interesting over time to see if the dog is better at predicting the weather than the humans.

  9. I would like to know if this August was the coldest we have had in a long time. Thanks for your time.

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