Library book sale today

This almost slipped under my radar: the Friends of the Bend Library Fall Book Sale. It’s today (October 6) from 10am until 4pm, downtown at the Library Administration Building at 507 NW Wall Street. (The old Library building.)

Thousands of quality books of all kinds for sale: fiction, nonfiction, travel books, children’s books. Audios, videos and free books too!
In the Book Cellar of the Deschutes Library Administration Building.

Always good deals to be found there. Children’s books are sold by the inch (stacked height), if I remember correctly.

One thought on “Library book sale today

  1. Yes… lots of good deals! We walked out with a big box for about ten bucks. And yes, children’s books are sold by the inch.

    They also had a nice selection of CD’s, both new ($2.50) and used (50 cents). I didn’t see many videos.

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