Central Oregon Pumpkin Company – Terrebonne

This weekend we visited the Central Oregon Pumpkin Company (again), the one over in Terrebonne. We didn’t spend the amount of time as we did last year, but it was still a nice trip. This is the place that also has the corn maze ("Corn Maize" they call it)—this year, the theme is pirates. Check out the maze:

Central Oregon Pumpkin Company corn maze pirate ship

Pirate ship, with Jolly Roger, and desert isle. The maze costs $5.50 for kids 6-12 (under 5 are free), and $7.50 for adults 12 and over.

They have some great pumpkins, too. You can go out into the field to pick your own pumpkin, or select from the variety they’ve already harvested; what’s surprising to me is that variety, presumably grown there. There are large and mini pumpkins of course, but also white pumpkins, pie pumpkins, butternut squashes, Boers, Cinderella pumpkins, festivals, Jarrahdales, Long Island cheese pumpkins, gourds and others. Probably turban squashes too. It’s mind-boggling.

One of these days we’ll bite the bullet and do the corn maze. That’s more of a commitment than just picking pumpkins, though.

Central Oregon Pumpkin Company - and Smith Rock

5 thoughts on “Central Oregon Pumpkin Company – Terrebonne

  1. The corn maze is soooooo fun! We went at night for the first time this year. Bundle up and take a flashlight, that is a hoot. 🙂

    Did you get to play in the pirate ship? My kids all walked the plank! 🙂

  2. I haven’t gone out this year, but I did the corn maze last year with my oldest daughter (my youngest was a bit scared and she was having more fun chasing around the chickens anyway). We had a great time, and actually ended up helping two or three people through the maze as well who were lost.

  3. i think its rather boring getting lost in a maze. What is so fun about it? They charge you an arm and a leg dont forget the cost we already forked out for costumes charities church and then you take your family to a place like this and walk out even more broke.WASTE OF MONEY but hey, -guess who’s making the money? I liked the one off hwy 97 near bend fun maze cheap, the people throw candy, afordable is key

  4. I have to say I think it is absolutely beauiful at the pumpkin patch ! If you are looking for a wonderful way to celabrate the changing of the seasons, or just the right bright colors to chase the blues away this is the place ! The crisp fresh air ,the bright colors of falls harvest filling your eyes to the brim .You can pick your perfect pumkins and select your favorite sqaush from ,oh I don’t know ,maybe 100’s of different kinds of squash. All this while eating a fresh crisp apple …Live it up GO!

  5. I have been going there for years now, and it gets bigger & better each year. The owners & staff work there hind ends off to make it the best pumpkin patch & they succeed. The scenery is unlike any other area around. There is tons to do. I am looking forword to going back again.

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