So how many barber shops does Downtown need?

Saw this filter across craigslist tonight: New Salon/Barbershop opening downtown. They’re hiring, and located at 1293 NW Wall a bit north of central Downtown. By my count, that will make five barber shops downtown.

(The other four are L & K Barber Shop, Bond Street Barber Shop, Metropolitan Barber Shop, and Planet Hair. Those first three are "old school" shops while Planet Hair is more of a salon, I believe.)

I don’t know, five barber shops in our smallish downtown area seems a bit excessive. Doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “So how many barber shops does Downtown need?

  1. HAve you ever tried to get into one of these barber shops…they are so busy it is almost impossible…so yes they need another one!

  2. The best shop that also just happens to be the oldest is the Metropolitan Barber Shop. The guys there are funny, good at cutting hair, and serve cold beer.
    Plus they have a great view of Bend’s scenic wildlife….

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