The Green Gathering

Dave sends me a pointer to The Green Gathering, coming up this next Saturday October 20th:

[O]n this one-time and one-stop only tour, organizations and individuals will be coming together to have fun while building community and learning about green energy alternatives.

In order to build conscious community in Central Oregon, the day will be full of interactive events. The activities will be organized around a two-story dome, outfitted with hammocks, cushions, and couches. Free coffee will be available to you whilst listening to the melodies of The David Bowers Colony. They will be playing live music from noon-2pm, followed by an open-mic. The entire event will be solar powered compliments of The Giggling Gardener.

Outside the dome, the Bend Bike Co-op will be holding a clinic, community radio will be recording the day’s festivities, and Avatierre and friends of the Juniper Forest will be hosting a poetry booth. BlueSky, ONDA, and other nonprofits will also be there chatting about what they’re up to.

It’s at Troy Park downtown—that’s the park on Bond Street next to McMenamins (which seems to be largely used as a dog park?), and takes place from 11 to 3.

2 thoughts on “The Green Gathering

  1. This sounds like one of those "feel good" stupid events that accomplishes absolutely nothing. It you want to "build community," why don’t you plow your neighbors driveway this winter, or something useful.

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