Press Release: Bend Memorial Clinic announces Primary Care availability for all Medicare members

Pretty big news for BMC

All BMC Primary Care physicians accepting new patients are now accepting new Medicare members. "This is an important step in helping to ensure that our senior family members, friends and neighbors have access to the best possible healthcare,” said Marvin J. Lein, CEO. “Central Oregon’s quality of life attracts people of all ages, but the demand for high quality senior care is growing the most rapidly. We have a responsibility to everyone in our community, and we intend to continue to meet that responsibility.”

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“We hope that this strong commitment by our physicians, providers and support staff will set an example for our legislators to also do the right thing and make caring for Medicare members economically possible for all physicians,” added Mr. Lein.

Dr. Derek Hamblin, Department Chair for BMC’s Family Medicine department, is thrilled about this important step. “As a provider at BMC, I am excited to have the opportunity to help with the Medicare situation. As a part of the Central Oregon community, we’re elated to provide medical care to those who currently do not have access to care. Hopefully our accepting Medicare members will encourage other providers in the community to do so as well”.

"It’s the right thing to do," said COO Randal Avolio. "We will need to continue to be as efficient as we can possibly be," he added, noting that through the use of electronic medical records and other long-term cost-saving measures BMC is leading the way in terms of high quality – cost effective healthcare.

With the exception of a very few Medicare Advantage programs requiring a new written service agreement between the program and the clinic, BMC is accepting all Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs.