Beer to go

Did you know you can take just about any sealable container into Deschutes Brewery and they’ll fill it up for you to go? I just found out about this recently, and got some beer today.

It’s essentially like getting a growler—the half-gallon glass jugs that they’ll fill up for you for $12. The bartender told me today the fill-up policy amounts to about 17 cents per ounce, though I think they charge a minimum of $4—the same price as a 20-ounce pint of their beer. But as long as it’s a container with a lid—mason jar, water bottle, growler, gallon jug, whatever—they’ll fill it up for you.

(Incidentally, a gallon jug would cost you $24—twice that of a growler.)

How cool is that? I had them fill two 20-ounce plastic water bottles today. Cost $8. Microbrewed beer you can’t get anywhere else, to go: priceless.

I don’t know if the other breweries will do this; growlers, sure, but I’ll need to call to see if they’ll fill up other stuff.