Another new bookstore

My wife pointed out the ad in the latest Source: Between the Covers, "Bend’s newest neighborhood bookstore." It’s located in the historic Delaware Annex building (which also has a little-known vacation apartment space, according to Bend Living) at 645 NW Delaware—the corner of Delaware and Bond.

So far I only know what’s in the ad:

  • General bookstore
  • Free wi-fi
  • Sitting and gathering areas
  • Old fashioned candy
  • Gift cards
  • Children’s books
  • Coffee
  • Pastries from Sparrow Bakery

Definitely worth checking out.

2 thoughts on “Another new bookstore

  1. While I’m glad it’s a new bookstore in town (any bookstore is an improvement), this place disappoints. The selection is meager and uninspired. While I hope more books will arrive after they’ve settled it, it is nowhere near the caliber of Paulina Springs Bookstore in Sisters. Since a Powell’s is out of the question (alas, maybe someday …), is a Paulina Springs really so hard to duplicate?

  2. I think it’ s a breath of fresh air in the bookstore scene around here. A sweet, quaint shop, owner-inspired selection, and a homey offering of coffee/pastries. And, a cute kids’ books section.

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