The Nature of Words – going on now

With the Nature of Words kicking into full swing today, I was wondering if any readers of the blog attending any of today’s events: tonight’s was authors readings and signing at the Tower Theatre. What did you think?

It’s one of those things I’d like to attend (perhaps a workshop or two, an author reading), but the first few days of November are always busy for us, so I’m always tied up with other plans. I need to live vicariously through the rest of you in this case!

3 thoughts on “The Nature of Words – going on now

  1. I was there last night, too. I loved it!! I was going to write it up myself but I don’t think I’ll find the time.

    I love how you can go to one of these events & bump into a guy in the coffee line & strike up a conversation while apologizing & then discover during the course of the evening that that was one of the featured authors! I almost never recognize any of them beforehand.

    To be honest I had only read a work by two of the four authors — but, as always happens at these things, I now find I have four new favorite writers!

    You should try to go. Yesterday’s event was the best one yet. It was the perfect length, each of the writers were good speakers and the poet, she was so funny and interesting!

    BTW, you can post this:

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