Keeping chickens in the city limits

My curiosity was piqued by this post from Metroblogging Portland (which indicates that Portland residents can have up to 3 chickens within the city limits) to dig around the Bend City Code and see if chickens are allowed here, too.

Turns out, they are: the relevant bits are in the Development Code, chapter 10.10, section 3.6.300.I.1.c., stating

No more than four (4) rabbits and/or chickens are permitted on parcels and lots greater than 6,000 square feet.

Of course, this is subject to a bunch of regulations; you need to apply for a Type I permit to get permission to have the animals (basically asking the Planning Director without having to go through the rigamarole of a public hearing, etc.), you have to maintain proper sanitation (no storage of waste, no odors permitted "beyond property lines"), and you need fencing. And, I’m assuming no chickens (or rabbits) allowed if your lot is under 6,000 square feet.

I’ve seen chickens in town before, so there’s at least one question answered.

2 thoughts on “Keeping chickens in the city limits

  1. The Chicken and the Turkey belong at the house at 8th & Olney (actually 1 lot north). The Goodrich place. They’ve had livestock forever. The turkey does get out–and if you call them, they seem plenty unhappy about it because turkeys are no fun to try to catch.

    And you do need a Type I permit for chickens, but its a simple process. Its recently allowed in the new code. We pulled, I believe, the first permit. They are terrific for the gardens and keep the mouse population down wonderfully. And the eggs. OMG, yum.

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